The Bloodthirst Armor

Created by Priests of Bennatar, this armor was made as a template for the armor of the Black Guard of the Great Tyrant. It was designed to inspire fear. A special forging process cause the armor to absorb light, leaving the metal dull and black, far darker than any metal previously known. It was adorned with chains to mark the servitude of the Guard and spikes, to display their viciousness. When presented to the High Constable of the Black Guard, he took a liking to it, and took it for his own suit of armor, commanding the clerics to create another design for the common troops.

The High Constable wore the armor to battle many time. He was known for his love of war, and more for his ruthlessness. He took no quarter from enemies, and seems to gain vigor and energy from the causing the deaths of others. He earned the name "Lord of the Smoking Blood" during a battle in deep winter and the dead of night, upon a frozen plane. He had killed so many of his enemies viciously, that is armor was covered in their blood. When the sun rose in the morning, the warm blood of his enemies wafted mist into the red glow of the sunrise, giving him the appearance of some unearthly warrior. The enemy fled the battle at the site of him.

In the end, it took three paladins of Kerius to put an end to the High Constable. The forces of Bennatar met the those of Kerius at the foot of the Eryn Mountains. The Bennatar army had been caught by surprise, and routed, but still their commander fought on. He was backed against the foot of the mountain, facing the three knights, who has vowed to bring him to justice. The battle was long and hard fought. Each of the Paladins had taken deep wounds, but finally their numbers won out. The high constable grew tired and misstepped. Sir Jessyn Dane took off his sword hand at the wrist. Sir Rosby of the Mark, thrust his sword into the gut of the High Constable, and Sir Tolman, called Tolman The Just took the high constable's head. Each of them took a piece of his armor, to prove to the people that the Lord of Smoking Blood was dead. The rest of him they burned.

Even today the name of the High Constable is unknown, It is believed he was just a commoner. But what cannot be denied is the legacy he left. The Black Guard still study his actions today, and still wear the black armor that was fashioned similar to that Bloodthirst suit he wore. As for the pieces that were taken, Bennatar blessed each with a measure of power that represented one of his greatest warriors.

The Armor pieces and their known ability are below.

The Bloodthirst Gaulntlet. - This piece seem more like a glove than a real gauntlet. It was modified by a priestess and now consists of a black wrist band, connected to 4 rings by black chains. When worn the glove coats any weapon held in that hand with a black fire. This fire drains energy from the victim of the weapon's attack and conveys that energy on the wearer healing their wounds. Also if any are killed with the weapon thier soul energy is stored in the glove and can be used by the wearer. To what purpose depends on the other pieces of the armor the user wears. If the user has just the glove, he can use this energy to increase the flame power of the sword.

The Bloodthirst Belt - This black metal girdle consists of a plate of thick black metal, wider int he middle than the ends, which is worn over the lower abdomen. It is held on by three black chains that wrap around the back and over the shoulders. The plate is engraved with a demonic visage. The belt increases the strength of anyone wearing it, and also gives it user the ability to strike multiple opponents with one swing of his weapon. It also provide some manner of protection.

The Bloodthirst Helm - more of a mask, than helm. This piece was also modified by the priestess to better suit her needs. It consists of a coif of black chains, which covers the back of the head. The front leave the eyes open, but then rows of thin black chains cover the lower face. The helm conveys the ability to see in complete darkness to the wearer. It also increases their awareness of the surrounding area. Lastly, the wearer can cause the chains on the rear of the coif to grow and extend. When the chains do so, each is lined with sharp wicked looking hooks. The chains can reach out and latch on to an opponent grappling him and causing him to bleed from the wounds caused by the hooks.

When parts of the armor are combined, they seem to enhance each other as below.

Gauntlet and Belt - The Black Flame on the gauntlet's weapon increases in strength. Also the wearer Increase in strength and defense can be boosted by using the stored soul energy of the gauntlet.

Helm and Belt - The strength of the helmet's chains increase and it is able to grab and hold more powerful creatures. Also the defensive ability of the belt is increased.

Gauntlet and Helm The helm guides the user's weapon to help it inflict the most damage. The user may also use the stored soul energy to activate a powerful fear effect on the helmet, causing anyone to meet the wearer's gaze to flee in terror.
All Three - Unknown.

What happened to the pieces?

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