The Black Lands

The Black Lands are really a part of western Aranthar, but because it takes up the whole eastern half, and the culture is so different it is treated as its own continent. The black land used to be devoid of all human life. IT was a spawning ground for the minions of Takhene. Here her demonic followers created most of the evil races. It wasn’t until a war between Eroth and the black land, that human finally moved into the land. Now it is a collection of cities and regions. The largest in the south the kingdom of Lain. Lain is ruled by a Queen with a vicious temper. Her general is known as the Iron Fist and is said to be one of the most ruthless but greatest generals to have ever lived. She is currently on a campaign to take over all of the black land. Lain has taken over the entire south as is slowly making its way north to what is left of the free cites.


The Free Cities

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