The Black Arrows And Fort Rannek

We have been asked to investigate what is happening at Fort Rannek home of the local coalition of rangers known as the black arrows. Several strange incidents have coralated with the cease of communication with the fort.

Animals have become more frequent among the border of the forest, this is apparantly been caused by a greater number of monsters withinn the forest itself.

Earlier this week a ranger patrol headed north and has not come back yet
It is possiable we have rescued what remains of this patrol from some disfigured giants see below

The Rangers useually head to town every few days or so but have not been seen since the rains and cold weather. This is the longest period with out word from them. Our mission Check up on the Fort. Payment 300gp Per Adventurer

Fort Rannek is located near Hook Mountain. Head north for 3 days to Turtleback Ferry then followthe river to the Fort.

In Turtleback Ferry we discovered that the mark of the overlords was also an elite mark for Vip members of a local river barge Casino run by one Lucretia. A fire overtook the Barge and Lucretia went down with the ship.

During our travels to the fort we came across a black bear stuck in a trap after some guess work we managed to free the bear. Upon wich time a disfigured beast of a man came crashing into the river bank area with a bunch of hounds. we tryed to no succcess to speak to this being and ended up having to slay him and his animals. The bear then urged us on to a derilect Farmhouse. Upon our investigation of the place it was a house of horror. The most vilest part of all was the bathroom. it had three holes one for urine one for feces and one for the skeletons of disfigured little girls. Later we found out that the family Matriarch didn't like competion and eliminated any possable threat at birth.

After eliminating the Younglings named Lucky and the others name escapes me, we poceded foward and found mama after a short battle where she hopped dimensions away from us she came back with help and more arrived later after the battle we explored the barn found the few surviving rangers looted and began heading to the fort. apparantly now occupied by enemy ogre forces stronger then those we had faced.

Upon our stealthy arrival at the fort and some very clever deception by Lenok, and some commune from nature by Savannah we entered the sub level unmolested upon wich we found The lamia we previously fought …

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