The Battle For The Fortress Of Light

Being promised the fortress, the soldier of Harrenhal commanded by Lord Bernard have dubbed it, "The Fortress of Light". The troops gathered for the battle. Vorg riders from the hills, roganian horseman, and the soldier of harrenhal. They attacked the orcs and laid then under seige. The orc not one to wait attacked the seiging force meanwhile the band had a mission of thier own. They slipped into the fortress to find the commander and cut off the head of the army. They found in the dungeons none other than joshua, who was in quite a bind. They also found a large barbarian from the north named Kull Together they made thier way into Nels rooms to find a stunning dark skined beauty. Her skin was black as night, and her form perfect. she was surprised to see the character and saw that nels was in trouble. She did not warn him however, and simply dissapeared. The found her name was whisper, for it is the name nels called out when they entered into his war room through a secret passage. Nels and his commander attackd and joshua, a doppleganger in disguise joined the battle against the band. They were hard pressed but came out victorius. With the command dead, the orcs were soon routed and fled into the hills. The vorgriders promised to hunt down every last one of them. The Fortress of light was secure, the band, ahs earned thier rest.

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