The Battle

The battle for Troy was feirce. The shadow attaced as soon as darkness came. The shadow beast tore at the band with thier wicked claws, and a huge hound made of shadow joined them. His droll sputtered and hissed as it hit the ground and it paws left footprints in the cobblestone road. They were also supported by a dark cloaked figure, who weilded black flame. The hound bit Jonesy, it posioness venom almost killing him instantly. The figure threw fire at the party almost freesing them where they stood, but in the end, with roberts sword and durmont's and red spells they were victoriious. If it had not been fo the old knight, who gave up his life to tackle the dark figure, all would have been lost. The figure was just a man, with a powerful magic item. A man who gave his life to darkness. A local man, from the village to the south. The band celebrated thier victory and prepared for the journey to Harrenhal.

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