The Band Of The Red Fox

Come round one and all and here of the heroic escapades of The Band Of The Red Fox.
Here are the tales of adventure from the humble beginnings in the city of Torf to the current exploits of the adventures

First Meetings Wed Jun 29, 2005

The Bottle Sun Jul 03, 2005

Mysterious Monks and vampires Sat Jul 16, 2005

Journey To Seaport Fri Jul 22, 2005

Seaport, Tempest and a promise Sun Jul 31, 2005

Durmont's Luck Sun Aug 14, 2005

The Bowl of Winds Wed Sep 14, 2005

Through the Jungle Wed Sep 14, 2005

Rescue of a Noble's Daughter Wed Sep 28, 2005

Orcs of the Wild Hills. - Tomb of the fallen warriorFri Dec 09, 2005

The orcs of the wild lands - The village of Troy Fri Dec 09, 2005

The Battle Sun Jan 15, 2006

The Hill Giant Sun Jan 15, 2006

Lord Archibold and Viceroy Sun Jan 15, 2006

The Battle for The Fortress of Light Sun Jan 15, 2006

On Sorcery - BannedThu Apr 06, 2006

The Land of the Lost Thu Apr 06, 2006

Reunion Thu Apr 06, 2006

The Trip to Chi-Cshûra Thu Apr 6, 2006

Ruidian Thu Apr 06, 2006

PhilatiaThu Apr 06, 2006

Another World - Nexus Mon Apr 10, 2006

Dwarvern City Thorodon Tue May 09, 2006

Jonsey ... Tue May 09, 2006

The End of an Age Tue May 09, 2006

The Valley Forgotten Sat Jun 24, 2006

Down Time Wed Jul 26, 2006

The Sword of Malavious Sat Dec 09, 2006

The Scrolls of immortality I Sat Dec 09, 2006

Kicker Of Elves Sat Dec 09, 2006

Here is our Heroic Adventurers


Master Jonsey - Treasure Hunter Master


Inquisitor Wazuki - The Strong but Silent Inquisitor of The Order of Illumination


Durmont Kerlan - Priest of Twil Meril


Arvendel Of Skyvale - Mage Extrodenaire


Donovan Vysguard - Slain by his son when searching for the pipe to break the curse.


Aradia The Red - Left the band to raise her Child


Sir Robert Drake - Knight of Eroth Lost in Battle with Odocar


Lt. Christoff Foss - Ex Lt. in the Queen's Army

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