The Arcane Order Of Keribus

The Arcane Order of Keribus are a sect of wizards that not only worship keribus but act as his servents on Nor almost like a clergy. Curently they are recovering from the darkest time in there history the sundering. when magic was broken they considered it a travisty and most died during the sundering. the remaing members took a less active role in the world during this time as they were searching for a way to fix the laylines and restore balance. However now we may see a return of them to the world as magic is now restored. the members of the order posses the ancent knowledge of how to make conduits so they are not subjected to the new ways the elves have put into efect. They are dedicated to furthing the use and understanding of magic on Nor and now wish to try to counter the effects of the sundering by teaching the people of Nor not to fear magic. They wear blue robes with the symbol of Keribus on them along with silver moonstone bracers and all carry a simitar. there main temple to Keribus, The Tower of the Moon is found in the horseshoe mountins it is much more then a temple to Keribus though. here you can find a very extensive magical libray, mage tower and the great observitoy a huge dome that has a map of the stars and moons covering the inside with a huge telescope that is used to study the night sky.

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