Temple Quarter

In the Temple Quarter of Sanction, Religion is a business. The predominant religion in Sanction, as it is in most of eroth, is the worship of Sul. The next is Kerius. The quarter though has six large temples, and five smaller temples. Besides that there are dozens of shrines in the quarters, many to the same God. The Quarter is also the home of Sanction's Cemetery, called Journey's end. This large necropolis houses the bodies of those that's custom demand burial rather than cremation. Not only do the guard patrol the Temple quarter, but Temple guard of Kerius, and Bennetar also patrol. Because of the differing view this can often lead to tension, but so far incident have been few and far between.

The major Temple include:
Light's Gate - This Cathedral to Sul, is the most massive temple to the goddess ever built. While not as beautiful as the main temple in the Valley of the Gods, it is made to handle a much larger group.
The Cathedral of Justice Kerius' main Temple is a feat of architecture. This massive structure is built to impress and dwarf the other temple, which it comes close to doing.
Firehome This Cathedral is dedicated to the Eternal Flame and it's Keeper Andrade, Servant of Derrilyn. The Flame of the temple still lie cold, waiting for its lighting ceremony which has been put off numerous times.
Ironrule is a temple dedicated to the God Bennetar. It is designed in the same style as the temple of Kerius, and some say is meant to be a mockery of the temple to the god of justice.
Kismet the temple to Kiril, while not as large as the other, is the Religion's Main Temple.
The Great Crafthall This Temple to Oxor, Servant of Gilidan and is the largest of its kind.

Gods that also have temples in the Temple Quarter include:Derrilyn, Gilidan, Incanus (Located in journey's end), Keribus, and Ghond.

Journey's End is the City's main cemetary. There is a small shrine to Incanus there.

Hook Street is the windy road that runs behind the temples to the western bank. It has a dark reputation, and the inhabitants in the Quarter are quick to say it is not part of the Temple District, even it's location in in the same Quarter. The Street is know for strange sightings, and even stranger inhabitants. Small hidden shops sell divinations, spiritualist services, Dark Alchemy regents, and other less savory things. People disappear on Hook Street, though some say they are never truly gone and still wander the street by night in one form or another.

Personalities in the temple Quarter include:
Prior the preacher - Prior is not a proponent of any specific god, but rather a believer that the end of times is coming and we should prepare. He is often made to leave one area or another, and he is sure to never push to far, but he always returns.
The Morning Warrior - This Paladin of Sul is said to be the paladin to worship the Goddess of Light and Life. When not on a holy quest he can often be found in the Light's Gate.
Archbishop Donnly - The leader of the Temple to Kerius is an old man, who is nearing the end of his life. Once a strong warrior, he can not longer walk, and the oriest have crafted a wheeled chair for him to get around.
The Hammer of Vengeance - This fearsome blackguard can be seen from time to time around Ironrule. He is said to be efficient in killing those who commit crimes against the church.
Widget - This strange being is not really a person, but rather a construct. Made of metal, and gears it can be found running errand for the Crafthall. Some believe he is a halfling in costume, other believe he is an elaborate puppet. The priest of Oxor treat his as they would a real person though.

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