Templar S Tourney

The Churches or Kerius, Grazon and Utua have always been joined in martial Pursuits. It is only natural for them to have tourneys, so their faithful may display their prowess. The Templar's Tourney is held three times in the middle of the first three months of the year, so as not to interfere with any secular celebrations.
While each tourney offer the same events, each month is dedicated to s specific God, and because of that one even take prominence that month offering the greatest prizes. Phoenix is given to Kerius, and the joust is his event. Unicorn is the month of Grazon and the Sword and Box are his events. Spider if dedicated to Utua and that month the Grand Melee takes the greatest Prize.

Even smaller temples that may not have the resources to hold a full tourney will have some type of contest on these days.

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