Tempest – Goddess of Water and Air. Goddess of Storms
Other names
Symbols: Dark Storm Cloud with A Bright White Lighting Bolt
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Wind Water Storms the Sea Fish and Ocean
Favored Weapon: Trident and Javelin (Ebb and Flow)
Common Worshippers: Fisherman Seaside Villages, Travelers, and anyone else whose life depends of the sea

History: Tempest is a force of Duality. She can be as sweet as a summer rain with a gentle breeze or as viscous as the storm of the century. Because of this dual nature her church is split into 2 factions the Storm Bringers and The Wind Walkers.

Dogma: The Wind Walkers hold to the nicer side of Tempest, Blessing boats and calming storms before the roll ashore. They believe in the serenity that can be found at sea. The sound of the waves crashing upon the shore or the gentle notes of a spring rain. The Wind Walkers are often sought out when there is trouble at see so people can please the goddess so they may sail without fear once more.

The Storm Bringers have a different ideology all together. Tempest is the embodiment of strength and power a testament to the might of the sea that no man can control a wild freedom. In times past they have worked to bring a great deluge upon Nor only stopped by adventures that ended up with the goddess’s displeasure upon them. As the saying goes hell hath no furry like the ocean scorned.

Places of Worship: All temples to Tempest are found near the sea. A few are found inland especially in places of drought or where rain is not often found all year. But these inland shrines are more close tied to alters of sacrifice to ask the goddess for rain then for true religious devotion.

The temples of the Wind Walkers are beautiful to behold often adorned with the treasures of the sea herself, Giant pearls and coral of every color even the stairways in the temple seem to glisten like abalone shells. Temples of the Wind Walker Aspect often function as lighthouses and warehouses for smoked or salted fish in case of times of famine.

The temples of the Storm Bringers are often frightful and are only found as giant buildings on boats tethered to shore. In the central area of the temple sits a small coral throne where the high priestess performs her duty before a reflecting pool of the sea on a moonless night. It is said that when the priestess has the favor of Tempest her reflection changes to that of tempest herself sitting upon a throne of bone and kelp under the sea.

Average services: Prayers are held when a ship is about to depart or return from the sea (typically just before dawn and just after dusk) Sailor’s wives often come and lay tribute to Tempest every day at high noon on each day that their husbands are away. The Storm Bringers offer great prayers at the beginning and end of a hurricane when Tempest’s power shows to all, While the Wind walkers pray when the eye of the storm is overhead and after the storm has passed.

Holy Days: Wind Walker Holy Days

The first day of spring when the ice thaws and ships are free to travel again is called the First Catch when all boats are anointed and every vessel goes out and returns at dusk to celebrate giving the whole days catch to the temple.

The Summer solstice is called The long feast when for 3 days after everyone in a village gets together and offers praise homage and returns to the sea a little of what they have received this is a time when sailors are married under the blessing of the Goddess.

Storm Bringer Holy Days

The day of the dark occurs once every 100 years and is a massive hurricane prayed for by the priest and priestess of Tempest often lasting for up to a week as it tears through every fishing village reclaiming what has been taken from the sea. During this time prayer is non stop and only water may be consumed for to intake anything else would earn the goddesses wraith

The last day of fishing season (The Closing) is celebrated for the relief that the ocean may be in peace and not tainted by land walkers who only claim to be of the sea. This is the time when winds cut the face and rain blinds the eyes for those who travel with Tempest favor,

Alignments: Any Chaotic or Neutral (Not Lawful Neutral)


Domains: Air Water Ocean Storm

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