Capitol: Seaport
Notable Settlements: Seaport, Torf, Rogan, Southport
Alignment: LG
Ruler: Prefect Harden Fiske
Government: Prefecture assigned by Vemoraxx
Language: Common
Religions: Tahkene,Tempest

Syr is a rather small region that has a far reach. It contains the largest Port city in Western Aranthar and is a gateway to the whole continent. It is known for its southern Vinyards and for it's horse ranches to the west. It is home of one of the most prestigious academy of learning known in the world, and also one of the most dangerous cities in the world.
Seaport has adjust to life since the Coming of the Dragons, and quickly stepped in line. The last king, Yalond disappeared shortly after the Dragons were seen, and the Vemoraxx assigned a new ruler over Syr. Fiske is dedicated to making sure the city stays under control. He does this by keeping the the poor firmly in their place and giving the nobles what they want.

History: Syr was one of the original duchies of Eroth when is spanned all of Aranthar. It is the only one to have survived without significant change. When Eroth fell, the Duke retained his title and authority over the region. When the Chancellor of the Mark was defeated, Syr attempted to to annex the Mark, but met resistance from locals and Amador, though it still claims the land today. Over the years it has retained it wealth, world influence, and has power. The line of succession was familial and unbroken until the Vemoraxx.

People: Natives of Sost are Dark Skinned of average height. Due to the many diverse people moving through Seaport, though, races of many types can be found here, and in fact natives are the minority in most of the cities. The people of Syr vary with the part of the prefecture you are in. In Seaport, you will find three distinct classes. The nobility who above the stair, the lower class, who live below and on the outskirts, and the middle class, merchants and scholars which frequent both. As you move west, the people become more self sufficient and are broken up into steadholts. Here the people are hardworking farmers or ranchers. The southern Vinyards and Orchards are a mix of nobles, and the very poor indentured workers who maintain those lands. North of Seaport, where the land is hard to work, and the trees grow wild you will find Syrian Natives, living in villages, not to mention the city of Torf, where people go to get lost.

Notable Places: The Syrian Academy

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