Residents of Nor use all manner of words as expletives. Below are some common wordfs or phrases and who would most likely use them.

Bloody - anyone.
Fate - used disparengely by followers if Twimerill. (Fate, that is one big Dragon)
Burn me - used to show disgust with a situation. (Burn me, you want me to go in there alone?)
Dark, darkness, darkened - USed by those that worship Sul or other good gods. (Leave that darkened sword there, it must be cursed of something)
By Tempest's Tit - used by sailors.
Gears and levers - used negatively by nature worshippers and positively by followers of Oxor and Gnomes. (Gears and levers, they are going to wipe out the whole forest)
Light - used as an exclamation, widely used. (Light, that thing is huge)
Peace - used by followers of the war gods, or in nations that experience a lot of war. (Peace, are we there yet?)
Stars - USed mostly as an exclamation when surprised - widely used (Stars, did you see that?)

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