Other names

Symbols: A Yellow Sun

Alignment: Neutral Good

Portfolio: Good, Healing, Life, Sun, Redemption

Favored Weapon: Light Mace

Common Worshippers: Healers, people of good character, commoners, those seeking forgiveness

History: Sul is one of the original nine Gods. She was the caregiver of the nine and worked diligently to take care of the children of the gods.

Dogma: All Sul asks is that you help those in need. Try to end any conflict as mercifully and with out unnecessary injury. Have faith in the things you do that you know are good and try and change the things that are not. Redeem your self if there is a burden that you cannot bear to carry. And honor your family life begins with them.

Philosophy: Followers of Sul believe that there is a way to end all conflicts with peace but when war is necessary they stand at the ready to heal those who need enemy or friend alike or guide them in battle in holy Light. No one need suffer unnecessarily and offer redemption to those who seek it.

Places of Worship: Temples of Sul seem more like Hospitals then of religious organizations a religious section can be found at the heart of any temple but the wings of the temple are reserved for helping the suffering of others. In these infirmary sections they is always a healer on call to help those who need it in an emergency other wings include a soup kitchen and a counceling area for those whose problems are not found only in the physical sense.
Average services: Morning prayers are held at dawn, when the day begins and hope springs anew. They strengthen the resolve of the priest to face each day as Sul decrees. They also have evening prayer to reflect on what has been that day to further the aims of Sul.

Example Prayer:
Sul, goddess of light
Protect us from the coming night
Lead us in your righteous path
Evil you strike down in a fiery wrath
Forgive those who have offended me
As I forgive my enemy
Forgive me from my sin
So your healing may begin
Lead us out of this night
To see your wonderful light

Holy Days: The first of the year is a holyday known as the reflection. This is when atonements and redemption are offered by any who seek the dawn of a new beginning. Priest of Sul celebrate Yuletide as a holy time. It was during this time Brother Tobin was gifted with visions of a place where the holy could gather. It started his journey to gather faithful to the valley of the Gods.

The initiates of Sul are trained in the arts of healing. Not just that of the body but of the mind and soul too. In order to be truly healthy one must maintain and nurture all three of these. They treat the ills of the mind through care and concern, working out any problems and helping those under such ills to cope with them and continue living their life to the standard that all people need. In this regard the Clerics of Sul are often asked to serve as ambassadors for one nation or another to bring a peaceful end to a possible violent confrontation. They are also seeked out as Mediators between two sides to help ease the strain of negotiation. Clerics of Sul also focus on healing the body from injury and disease. Knowledge: Biology and Profession: Herbalist is found in the order of Sul.
The Soul is probably the greatest challenge clerics of Sul face in regards to healing not only in ending the effects of spells like magic jar or trap the soul but also helping people live with themselves. Many people who feel remorse over the things they have done in their life and are seeking redemption for their past wrongs look to Sul as the guiding light in their life. Clerics of Sul are often asked for atonement from even the lay worshipers whose only damage from falling out of faith is in their soul and no where else.

Alignments: Any Good.

Duties Priest of Sul Share what they have with those in need. They heal the sick and injured, give food to the hungry, shelter for the homeless, guide the lost, counsel the upset. The make medicine for hard times. During war time they gather in strength with bandages, and other healing supplies to help the casualties of the battle.

Domains: Healing, Sun, Renewal, Good, Purification.

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