Swashbuckler Style

Swashbuckler Style

All swashbuckler Style feats are resticted to not wearing armor, and not carrying heavier then a light load.

Quick But Deadly
Pre Req: Weapon Focus: Finessable Weapon, Weapon Finesse
Benefit: You may apply 1/2 you Dexterity Bonus to damage rolls instead of your Str Modifier.
By Slipping quickly past your opponets defenses you can use your speed to score a better blow then others may.

Fancy Footwork
Pre Req: Combat Expertise, Dodge
Benefit: When Taking a -2 penelty or higher with combat expertise You bonus to AC is 1.5 times your to hit penalty.

Weapon Flair
Pre Req: Quick But Deadly or Fancy Footwork, Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm or Improved Trip
Benefit: On Opposed Rolls (Attack Rolls, Str Checks for Bull Rush or Trips) You may add your Charisma bonus as a Circumstance bonus on the roll.

Expert Defense
Pre Req: 2 Swashbuckler Style Feats
Benefit: You recieve a +2 Dodge bonus to defense

Confusing Banter
Pre Req: 2 Swashbuckler Feats
Benefit: In lieu on an attack you may make an opposed attack roll if succesful you can mislead your opponet forcing one of three options (1 they take an Immediate 5 ft step in the direction of your choice, they are flat footed for the next attack that hits them or they take a penelty on attack rolls against anyone but you equal to your charisma modifier.)

Swashbuckling Mastery
Pre Req: Quick But Deadly, Fancy Footwork, Weapon Flair, Expert Defense, Confusing Banter Character Lvl 10+
Benefit: Quick But Deadly Apply full dex bonus to damage Expert Defense Increases to a +4 Bonus.

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