The Street Fighter

“Whoa, Hold on there, it was just a little kiss Captain how was I to know she was you daughter?”

A bald burly man laughs and retorts as he retreats, “How was I to know you insulted her husband the best soldier in the division?”

As the Captain walks away a tall angry looking man dressed in full plate mail carrying a wicked looking great sword chuckles and taunts, “Heh, this is the last time you make a fool of me street rat.”

With the sound of cracking bones the Captain walks in “Sorry for the lesson being so hard but you just need to learn respect for the important people”

A chuckle from the corner “You’re preaching to the choir, that big oaf of a husband your daughter has had no idea what he was getting into…”

Some men settle there problems with words and others steel, but a life on the street has taught you to live by your wits and your fist alone. Everyone one has a hard life down in the gutter only a select few can make something of what others call nothing. Knowing how to swing a sword is great if you can afford one knowing how to break a few bones without one is better.

Hit Dice: D12

Skill Points: 3 + Int Mod (x4 at first level)

Skill List:

Bluff (Cha), Climb (STR), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (STR), Knowledge [Local] (Int), Listen (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis)

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: None

Bonus Feats: Alertness, Blind Fight, Cleave, Deflect Arrow, Diehard, Dodge, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Greater Weapons Focus (unarmed), Improved Bull Rush, Improved Grapple, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Power Attack, Reckless Offense, Run, Stand Still, Toughness, Weapon Focus, Improved Toughness, Clever Wrestler, Close Quarters Fighting, and Force of Will

Street Fighter BAB Fort Reflex Will Ability
1 +0 2 0 0 Flurry Of Blows(-2) Imp Unarmed Strike (1d8) DR 1/-
2 +1 3 0 0 Get Them Down
3 +2 3 1 1 Feat
4 +3 4 1 1 Unarmed Strike (1d10), Ability (Con +1)
5 +3 4 1 1 DR 2/-, Flurry of Blows (-1), Uncanny Dodge,
6 +4 5 2 2 Kick ‘em when their down +1d6
7 +5 5 2 2 Ferocious Flurry (+2), Feat
8 +6 6 2 2 Unarmed Strike (1 d12)
9 +6 6 3 3 DR 3/-, Ability Increase (Con +1)
10 +7 7 3 3 Flurry of Blows (0), Improved Uncanny Dodge
11 +8 7 3 3 Feat, Kick ‘em when their down +2d6
12 +9 8 4 4 Unarmed Strike (2d8), Heavy Fist
13 +9 8 4 4 DR 4/-
14 +10 9 4 4 Ferocious Flurry (+4)Ability Increase (Con +1)
15 +11 9 5 5 Feat
16 +12 10 5 5 Kick ‘em when their down +3d6
17 +12 10 5 5 DR 5/-
18 +13 11 6 6
19 +14 11 6 6 Ability Increase (Con +1), Feat
20 +15 12 6 6

Unarmed Strike – Your unarmed attacks do extra damage, and are considered weapons for determining weather or not you threaten an area. They are also considered Natural or normal weapons in regard to spells or other abilities that affect weapons.

Get them Down – As a standard action you may make a melee attack against an opponent and if successful make an immediate trip attack against them with a +4 bonus. If they fall prone, you may take an additional attack immediately, as per the Improved Trip Feat. If your trip fails, they may not attempt to trip you in return.

Uncanny Dodge I - As Barbarian Ability

Improved Uncanny Dodge – As Barbarian Ability

Kick'em When They’re Down – You Deal An extra 1d6 damage to prone opponents this damage increases by 1d6 at level 6, 11 and 16

Ferocious Flurry - When using Flurry of Blows, the street fighter receives a +2 bonus to unarmed damage. This bonus increases to +4 at level 14, Does not stack with the bonus from Weapon Specialization

Heavy Fist - Your Unarmed Attacks Deal Triple Damage on a critical hit

Flurry of Blows - At first level you can create a combo of moves gaining more attacks at
A penalty to all attacks until your next turn. This penalty is -2 at first lessening to -1 at 5th level and no penalty at 10th level

Ability Increase – The Street Fighter gains an inherent bonus to his constitution at level 4 and every five levels thereafter

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