Steves Work In Progress

This Is My links page to stuff I need to finish

Ideas Lightining Mace Mace style focusing on Speed PENDING DM APPROVAL

Viper Style Ideas Dagger Style PENDING DM APPROVAL

Quicksilver Style Ideas Combat Style emphizing Stances and Manuvers PENDING DM DISCUSSION

Dragon Style Nunchuck Style Okay I just finished some Bruce Lee movies what do you want me to do. PENDING DM APPROVAL

Spellsteward Of Eroth A caster class for mages of Eroth who are loyal to the crown to recieve higher magic without mage marks or conduits. The concept is the mages of eroth have knowledge that allows them to use the residual energy of the lay lines to power spells. This is one of the National secrets of Eroth. PENDING DM APPROVAL

Regional Feats This section will take forever PLACED ON HOLD
I am currently basing this by country and region, wish me luck. Will be reworking this to be more of a regional package then feat.

Flora of Nor As an Herbalist I am trying to use some Terra Firma Plants as inspiration here we go. STALLED DUE TO BRICK WALL

Herbal Remedies Catch for new items not okayed by DM yet STALLED DUE TO BRICK WALL

Story Hour A catch for stories I may work on from time to time.

Rituals An idea for new skill tricks may or may not fly

Code of Grazon If anyone has some additions to this or if there is an official version post it up

Shops Galore Home work

Holidays Home Work

Bo's Journal character journal

Channel Ideas

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