Merry Meet, and welcome to the Word of Nor. You have reached the home of the World of Nor campaign. It is a Pathfinder Campaign world created by Ron Cote, and expanded by many players over 20+ years. In these pages you will find information about the world, the characters in it and other relevant facts. Also there is information for Players of the Pathfinder RPG including some custom classes, items, and rules. The page is also a forum for players to create stories set in the world, as well as journal the exploits of their own characters.

If you are just visiting I hope you will find some of the information available entertaining. If you are a gamer, and play Fantasy rpgs, you may even find some interesting ideas here. If you happen to play Pathfinder then be sure to take a look at the game mechanics section for some interesting classes, and feats. Also feel free to leave any comments about the site on this page.

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If you are coming here from the Roll 20 game listing, You should have a player Primer. That will give you details on the character creations process. Feel free to look around. Please excuse the terrible spelling and grammar on a lot of pages, most are first drafts just to get thoughts down.

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Information about Nor Want to know about the world of Nor? Here is some information

The Story So Far Pieces of the current adventure shared by me or players.

Game Mechanics Rules and Custom Material for Nor

Characters The current cast of characters

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