Spider Path

Another thing Lonwyn is know for it the many types of posionous plants, and animals that live there. One of the most deadly are the spiders that live in several places in the forest. The way to thier lairs, are always shroudedby thick webs which run from tree branch to tree branch. Morn the unweary traveller that passed through one of there unknowilgy, for they will be held fast in the sticky net and helpless waiting for its arachnid maker to come and collect its prize. The spiders always try to paralyse thier victims, then wrap them in a cocoon to keep them fresh. It is said the posion make you unable to move but not unable to think. Man who have been rescued from such a fate, have been driven nearly mad by the endless waiting and helplessness. Some have lost all ties to sanity. eitherway, the most grusome death some can think of is to be eaten alaive by a horde of hungry baby spiders numbering in the thousands, each as big as a fingernail while not being able to so much as scream.

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