This City is in the valley known as Golddale, deep in the Thorodon Mountains. It is a rather large city and is one of the oldest in Eroth. It is the only city to survive the Fall of Eroth intact. It is home to the Mettalic Keep, the stronghold headquarters of the Metallic Knights of Eroth.
While the majority of it's citizens are humans, it has one of the largest dwarven populations in Aranthar. Most are direct descendants of Dwarven refugees who left Thorodon during its fall. The city is also one of the centers for Art in the word. During Eroth's fall, the country was overrun with warlord cutting up pieces of the old empire. There was not much room for men who could not fight, so many fled to Skyvale for safety. Alogn with the dwarven population that had settled here who were known for great craft works, the city became the home of great sculptors, and jewelry makers. Other arts flourished as well here.
When Eroth was restored Skyvale was at risk of losing a lot of these crafters who wish to be more a part of the larger society, so it spent a lot of resources to keep them. The Skyvale Center for the Arts was opened and offered crafters, artists, and even musicians a place to gather and learn and live at a reasonable cost. The center actively pursued some of the greatest artists of the period and encouraged them to come here to teach. It worked and not only did the master come, but students who wished to learn from them. Sevarian's Theater, one of the oldest open air theaters in all of Aranthar was reopened, and drew actors and musicians. Soon the city was known worldwide as one of the greatest hubs for artistic expression. To this day, the Skyvale Center for the Arts is known as one of the greatest bardic colleges on Nor.

Large town 2001-5000    Autocracy
Neutral Good    Population    3000    
Holy Site, Magic Center in Settlement, Prosperous, Strategic Location    Remote
Society Mod    0    Economy Mod    1
Corruption Mod    -2    Lore Mod    2
Crime Mod    0    Max Spellcasting    9
Purchase Limit    15000
Base    1450

Place of Note:
Tobin Orphanage

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