Skinsaw Man

while chronological my notes will note be in order the events and information are laid out to be clear to me sorry to any confusion this may cause my reader

After the events that happened seing those bodies my mind was in a slight jumble of the horror of it but after we were at the jail where Shaylisses father was held for something we were told our investigation may bear fruit by speaking with a witness to the events. This lead us with note of access to a Saniterium run by one Dr. Erin Hobb
this 3 story stone building is found in a limestone escarpment not to far from Sandpoint.

This information was gathered from a bodyguard by the name of Grayst. He was being treated at a saniterium near sandpoint. The Operator of this insitute said that he was "unmade" this unmakingwas discovered to be Ghoul Fever by Father Cain. (Who as a side note was afflicted by the disease as was myself)

Grayst was in the advanced stages of ghoul fever when we had our discussion with him and while he started out very lucid offering the words "Razors" "Too many Teeth" and "Skinsaw Man is Coming" to my commrades to me he boar a cryptic message.

"If You come to his Misgivings,
If You come to his pack
He will end his Harvest in your honor"

While this message from the "Master" was confusing later on we found out that the Foxglove Family owned an estate near Sandpoint known to the populace as Misgivings.

Upon the return to town the sheriff asked for help, to aid a farmer who was apparantly under the same affliction as Grayst frieghtened to the point of lunacy.

At first all he said was a nursery rhyme in the ancient tongue of Eroth.
"mumble mumble Scarecrow
Alone in the maize
Sleeping in the daytime
A stitched man he stays

But when the moon she rises
Up Mumble gets
He shakes his hand first
Then moves his feet the nex

And when the dog is snoring
And when your fast asleep
Mumble Mumble Scarecrow
Will find you good to eat"

The next bit of information was equally … creepy
He and a group of farmers went to the Hambly place for things were not right people were disappearing from the farms. It's the scarecrows at the farms they attacked us they ate the dogs, They ATE the dogs.

Being adventurous persons we went to the farms and investigated. after eleminating what appeared to be the heas ghoul we gained a key that gave us access to Misgivings. Some careless insight led to our friend Dorien being half eaten by a bat (I am de-emphasing the terror of the thing to not bring about any nightmares) But the mumblings of Grayst and this "Bat" lead me to deduce we may have stumbled upon the lair of the Skinsaw Man…

After further investigation I will re-evalueate my Hypothesis.

My Hypothesis was wrong. The Skinsaw Man was Aldern Foxglove. Tried as I may I was unable to save the poor wretch. After further investigating the mansion and uncovering a wealth of treasure we headed back down to the cavern where we slew poor Aldern and proceded to dig to the root of the problem upon depleting our inventory of blessed water consencarting the area ended the strife at misgivings. perhaps now good can come to that place.

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