Shops Galore

Mariner's Bell
This shop owned and operated by Tayvin Shore is an all purpose shop for ship gear from anchors and rope, to pitch and sails. Tayvin has some of the strongest line available a blend of hemp and silk with a thin core of flexable metal crafted by her long time beau Karn Smarth

Smarth Metallurgy
A black smith shop with a hint of alchemy Karn Smarth was the bastard child of some noble who was raised in institues of knowledge. Never happy with schooling Karn spent the evenings with his adoptive father learning smith craft. Applying his knowledge from school to his smithing hobby, Karn decided to open shop in Seaport and met his better half while drumming up business for his newly opened smithy over 10 years ago. If your looking for custom work in Seaport Shop Smarth…

Ye Olde Candle Shoppe
This shop is known for it's bizzar scented candels ranging from cran apple sea foam, to the less then appitizing vomitted beetle dung.

Country Fresh
Country fresh boast the biggest and best crops at the lowest prices by deals with the local hamlett of Kor

Myreth's Apothecary
Myreth is a young woman who just inhereted the shop from her grandmother, Myreth is an able herbalist but still lacks some of the finer knowledge only experiance can truely give.

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