Shield Of Swords

Shield of swords is know by many warriors. It is not known who first invented it, but over the years is has become one of the most common fighting styles known. The user uses his single sword to attack and defend, and keeps his second hand open in case he needs to grapple, or do something else. To gain the benefit of any of these feats, the user must be using a one-handed sword in one hand and the other must be empty.

One Sword defense [Style: Shield of Swords]

Prequisite: Wepon Focus (any sword that can be used onehanded)
Benefit: When the user is weilding a one handed sword, and has nothing in his off hand, he receives a +1 competence bonus to his AC.

Surprise Throw [Style: Shield of Swords]

Prequisites: One Sword Defense, Quickdraw
Benefit: As an attack action the warrior may draw a dagger or throwing axe (or other small throwing weapon), and throw it at an opponent he is not engaged in melee with, without provoking an attack of Opp from threatening opponents.

Surprise Punch [Style: Shield of Swords]

Prequisites: One Sword Defense, Improved Unarmed Strike
Benefit: As a free action, when taking a full attack action, the warrior may make an unarmed attack during the full attack with his free hand at his highest attack bonus. This attack and all subsequent attack suffer a -2 penalty until the end of the round. If this is the first time this has been used against this opponent, he looses his dex bonus for that one attack.

Don't move [Style: Shield of Swords]

Prequisites: One Sword Defense, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple
Benefit: When an opponent a Shiled of Swords specialist is threatening tries to take a 5 foot step, the warrior with this feat may use an attack of Oppurtunity to make a free grapple attempt at the moving opponent. If this hits and the grapple roll is sucessful, the opponent can not move for the reamainder of the round. Note?: This only stops the movement of the target, it does not constitute an grapple attempt. This only works on a target one size larger than the user, and smaller.

Greater One Sword Defense [Style: Shield of Swords]

Prequisites: One Sword Defense, Surprise Punch, Suprise Throw, Don't Move
Benefit: When fighting with a one handed sword while the other sword is free, the user gains a +2 competance bonus to his AC. This stacks with the bonus from One Sword Defense.

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