Somewhere wear of Skull island, between Western Aranthar and Skull was an island wich held a vast city. Serias was known for being advanced in Art and music, and philosophy. People would travel many miles just to visit their great oratorium and here thier wise men speak, of to see the incredible sculptures of the city. Some of then as tall aa a hundred feet. The would go to hear musicians and singers that could bring the hardened man to tears with their emotional melodies. The city had no enemies, and was governed by the people who lived there. A utopia in the literal sense. They prospered for over a thousand years some same.

Then one day, the city was hit by an earthquake which sundered the foundations of the island. Some say it was an act of the Gods, who were envious of the pepole. Some say the universe had to strike it down in the sense of balance. Some feel it was just a coincidence. Whatever the reason, the city sank deep into the sea, never to be seen again. Depenfing on who tells the story, some were able to escape the doomed city, and make thier way to other lands. Some say that this was the beginning og some civilizations, but most scholars believe that if the city had even existed, that most likley no one escaped.

The existance of Serias is doubted by most learned men. Several expeditions have been mounted looking for traces of the island, but none have ever found any thing. This leads most to believe the island never existed and if just a tale to amuse listeners.

There are several common themes that come up around the island.

Often unusual items found by sailors, are said to be from the island. All most all of these have been traced to other known lands though.

Some say the island rises from the ocean every 350 years, for a day (or ten, or a hundred depending on the tale) and that anyone can go to the island. But is they do not leave in time they are forced to stay there forever.

One is that before the island fell, the leaders used magic to put the people in some type of stasis, until the island could be raised again. (Some say they were all turned to stone.)

*Books about Serias*: There are too many to list, so here are the most common
Serias: The mysterious island nation.
The lost Isle of Serias
The Mermaid
Trapped in a sinking world

*Song of Serias* Again, just the most common ones
Underwater romance
A Sailor went to see see sea
The Mermaid's Sorrow
Serias Rises

The sinking land
Heart underwater
Thump, Thump, Splash

A reoccurring theme is of a man who find the island while it is risen, and fall in love with a beautiful woman, and has to choose to let her got, or stay with her trapped on the island forever once it sinks back to the sea.

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