Seaport Tempest And A Promise

Seaport is much more than everyone expected. It is big, busy, the market is open every day, and it is already a palce of trouble. The PC met joshua again along with two of his friends. He offered them some work, delivering a package. Donovan went to the docks alopne to check on the ferry and again ran into the same muggers from Cor. Outnumbered he woke barely alive and missing his gold, the party treasure, and his boots once more. After meeting with the other and getting on the ferry (With a strange warrior in blue armor) they ran into problem #2. The sealife went nuts and tried to kill them all. They managed to survive, and discover that the attack was prompted by a druid who did not want the pakage to arrive. He explained the tempest priestesses had dire plans for the item and it waqs one of three. During this time Nyx was captured by the temple priest. The druid, called Rual agreed to give them the urn to trade for thier friend if they helped him find the location of the other two item, so he could get them before the priests. They agreed, and met back with the other, got nyx and found that thier ideas of honor did not quite match up. Nyx and Tao went thier own way, and the PC were given a quest to prove themselves to tempest. To find a giant pearl.

Meeting jonsey in the tavern, they also met with Rual who got them some more help. A strange driven warrior named wazuki, and an elven mage. He also sent along a personal friend, a red tailed awakened fox, called red.

It turned out Jonsey heard of a pearl like this, and they headed out looking for a farmer who had been in the tunnels leading to the pearl. To get to him they had to face trik and torg once more. A groups of soldiers from Seaport managed to kill an ogre, but were killed in the process. Seaport not wanting to waste anymore men, offered a reward for the clearing of the road. The PC, having to use the pass to find the farmer used thier head to take out the ogre and the other goblins. Trik and torg got away once more. The talked to the farmer, got the map, hit the tunnels and are off to find the pearl.

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