Finding the City of Ruidian was not a simple task. It lay in the waste, that they knew, but where was a mystery. Also said to be in the waste was the Tower of Hanoi. A tower which held a gateway to the spirit world. A place where the Band could go and find a way to rid them of the price they paid for the knowledge of the twisted doorways. After roaming the desert for days they came across a strange traveling circus. The circus was set up in the town of Babylon, a town the band had never heard of. Even Wazuki thought there were no towns in the Ayle waste. They passed the town and the carnival ignoring the ominous omens that they should enter fearing a trick. Soon a storm came, like a devil and forced them to take shelter. They ran back to the town, only to find the main tent there but empty. No sign of the town, or residents. A single tarot card, with an image of the tower of Hanoi on the ground. When one of the band touched it, the circus came alive, but in an evil way. The performers had murder on their minds and were intent on that outcome for the band. The band barely beat them back to discover the tent gone and a twisted ruined tower before them. They traveled up into the tower to discover it was the same tower of Hanoi, and did lead to the spirit realm. There they found the way to Ruidian and the masters of the twisted doorways. They won their freedom from their curses but at a price. Red left the band, never to be seen again. No one really knows why, only that now her path lay along a different road. The Band used the spirit plane to enter Ruidian secretly. They found Randall Flagg and another surprise. The mage Garick, wearing the helm of Balzemon. The image they saw on the island had been a trick to get the band to come here to the tower to open the way of the tower, for Balzemon to use to bring forth his shadow creatures. There were no praxite devices to slay the shadow. They had done just what was wanted, destroying the guardians of the tower and opening the doorways to the other planes. When Garick left they rushed to attack Randall and killed him and his minions taking over Ruidian. There in Ruidian they hoped to find a way to stop Garick and Balzemon and the growing shadow.

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