Riders Of The Storm

Riders of the Storm

Tales are told is taverns and fest halls, for a group of warriors who ride spectral steed into battle usually to avenge some wrongdoing. Their coming is heralded by a dark thunderstorm, and they ride down from the sky to seek vengeance, justice, or some other fanciful act. They are described as six armored men, wearing full plate of dull gray with engraved lightning bolts riding up their shoulders. Their leader carries a greatsword which is sheathed in lightning. His lieutenant a longsword which can freeze those it stabs. Of the last four, two bear thin sword with glowing runes down the edges. One bears large warhammer which strikes with the sound of thunder and the last a double bladed scimitar which shines with a blue light. Their horses are armored as well, though beneath the armor, the horses are phantoms, not flesh, who can ride the wind as well as stone.
The riders are not known to be spirits, but mortal men. There are stories of the roster changing as one or another met his fate, but they are all said to be master warriors. Their most common cause is to avenge wrongdoing on children, but some stories even have them working as mercenaries, or summoned for a task by a powerful caster. They are sometimes, also met by fate during a storm. There are even tales of heavy fog appearing out of nowhere, and the warriors appearing in the fog as if by magic, though this is not a common theme among them.
They all wear great helms, and their faces are never shown. Some say they are from another world, and await a summons from an innocent or powerful caster. Some say they are men with other lives and don the armor in secrecy. Some stories point them as long dead spirits of warriors, who have been made flesh again. While there are enough stories to believe there must be some truth to the myth, no one has ever managed to interact with one as far as anyone knows.

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