After leaving the Island of Kalimon, as the band now knows it is called, they continued their journey to Seaport, the first stop on the way. There they had to pick up the cargo Lord Kerlan would be selling in Chi Cshûra and also take the time to visit one of the only magical academies in existence. As soon as they set foot of the boat, they were attacked by soldiers of the temple of Tempest. This band however is not the same untried group that the Mistress of Storms saw last. This time it was the soldiers of Tempest who were defeated. The band entered the city and went to a familiar tavern. While there they had a good meal and rest and were ready to set off for the academy. Until they received the letter. “You have been poisoned” They followed the letter instructions and met a dark mysterious figure. It explained they had been poisoned and the only way to get the cure would be to rescue a woman from the evil clutches of Fisk the Fat. The band truly not believing there were poisoned (and with Jonsey’s keen eye, being away the figure was actually a young girl) agreed to save the woman. Knowing how dangerous the lair of Fisk was, and what happened last time they were there, they were very careful at how they proceeded. First a trip to a gambling hall turned up an old thorn named Ferret. Ferret had almost been responsible for killing the band several times. This time was no different as he and his men did their best to end the days of the Band. This time however, it was the band that almost ended the days of Ferret. Only his giving of information about Fisk and his lair, spared his life from the band, and that alone was difficult. They also found out the woman they were saving, beautiful lass named Swillya, was not the most noble. She was responsible for tricking women into Fisk’s service. It turned out Swillya was set up by a guardian. The girl tricked Swillya into taking her on, showing here where Fisk’s other slaves were held and then freeing them all. Fisk was so angry; he replaced all of his women with Swillya. Even knowing this act, the band kept their word to free her. The Band made their way to the candle shop used as a front by Fisk. They descended and found him waiting for them. This was truly a turning point in the bands history. Last time they face Fisk they were sorely outmatched. This time, it was an even battle, but Fisk had a trick up his sleeve. A bounty hunter who had been visiting the Crime lord turned things in the favor of the fat boss, but then to the surprise of the band, ferret came in and helped them out. A talking to he had from Donovan had made him seen the errors of his ways, and he thought he owed the band for his life. He was able to counter one of Fisk assassins and Fisk called a stop. He offered to give the girl up for an end to the battle. The band agreed. They took to the boat, with Ferret, Swillia, and the mysterious girl who they now knew as Petal, the sister of Swillya. It was a strange reunion to come face to face with one of the most feared men from their past and found he was not so much to be feared now.

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