Return To Skull Island

Day 86: After finally killing the dragon, we chased off the rest of the Chancellor's apprentices and took control of the Glass Palace. The library in the Palace truly lived up to its reputation; I found many books on planar topics, and a few more on rune magic and its many versions. I took a couple of the more interesting titles with me; my friends kept telling me we needed to restore order to the city, not spend all evening immersed in rare and wonderful tomes. They were right about that, I suppose, and I reluctantly left the wonderful rows of rare books for later.

We found that the Chancellor's strategy of allowing his mercenary forces to decay into unmilitary indiscipline had left the town guard completely ineffective. The guards we saw seemed incapable of anything beyond bullying those too slow or stupid to get out of the way, and we quickly saw that there was no other force capable of holding the town together. Determined to secure the defeat of Karzog before any reinforcements could be brought in from any other cities, we ran the old flag of the Mark up over the Palace to signal the end of the Chancellor's reign. Perhaps predictably, the people of the city took advantage of the opportunity to revenge themselves upon the guards and the rest of the mercenaries. While this was certainly understandable, and I certainly shed no tears for the dead guards, I have to assume that the deaths of so many tattooed guards gave considerable power to the Runewell and Karzog's schemes.

When we realized that the situation was getting out of control, we reacted by trying to spread the message of The One to the formerly oppressed inhabitants of Paris. I created an illusory angel to hover over the city, directing everyone in the city to come to the Palace Courtyard to hear from Father Cain, who the angel billed as the personal representative of The One himself. That ruse felt a little unsettling to create, but I'm sure He understood the necessity of bringing the riots to an end as quickly as possible.

In response to the vision, many people indeed came to the Courtyard to hear Father Cain speak, I was sure to boost his oratorical abilities before he began his speech, and the crowd did seem receptive to his message of peace and forgiveness. We could see the crowd beginning to calm down, when suddenly the Chancellor took control of my illusion. Cain dispelled it, but the Chancellor then appeared for real and fireballed the crowd. He then left, but explosive barrels he had placed around the city began to explode. The crowd rapidly dispersed (though, on the plus side, those mercenaries who had not yet been lynched managed to escape). We did what we could to remove barrels before they exploded, and to heal those who needed it. Despite this, some inhabitants of the city decided to take out their anger at the Chancellor's actions on us. Father Cain escaped without difficulty, while Savannah decided to respond in kind. After everyone had reassembled in the Palace, I provided another illusion to give the impression we'd escaped, and we rested overnight in the Palace. I spent the time reading some more of the books in the library, and trying to decide which ones to take with me.

Father Cain spent the time vehemently arguing for sentence to be passed on Savannah for killing the townspeople who attacked her. Kendrak joined in as they tried to determine an appropriate punishment. I said nothing, because I couldn't completely disagree with her self-defense argument and because I knew I'd not get another chance to read the books I'd found.

Day 87: We left the city before dawn, and headed for the coast. We needed to return to Skull Island in time to intercept Cain's followers and recover Janus' staff, in order to have a link to the rune magic of the Runewell. We made the journey without incident, and found a ship before we realized that, in all the excitement, we'd left Rocky behind. At that point, it was too late to do anything about it, though. Savannah agreed to be bound by geas from Father Cain to provide service and support to a village for one year for each person she killed; hearing that, the contract lawyer in me couldn't help but notice that we never established how many that was, and also that Father Cain did not define either 'services and support' or 'village'. If she wants to, she could have some fun with that, I suppose…

Day 95: We arrived in Sandpoint, and found that the townspeople here had not forgotten us. We enjoyed food and beverages on the house, and caught up on old times with the locals. We realized that, if we were going to mount an assault on the Runewell, we should probably evacuate the town before we started. We set up a meeting with the mayor to discuss that; we eventually worked out that he had been charmed by the Chancellor' local apprentice. We eventually dispelled the charm, and were able to convince the mayor he needed to order a general evacuation.

Day 96: We met Cain's followers, and retrieved the staff. After the town had been evacuated, we reentered the glassworks. In there, we found not too much had changed. We did have to kill a pair of strange molten glass elementals, but the only real problem we found was a trap that attempted to drown Dorian and Everett with a wall of force. We managed to extricate them from it, and then continued back through the tunnels we'd already explored.

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