Return To Magnamar

Day 11 (cont): Janus finally explained the source of his power. Apparently, he drains the life from random people to power his spells. The Order was right to be so skeptical of sorcerers and the threat they represent. The quest we are on is important, but I don't think we can justify the complete destruction of innocent people. That is especially true if the stories about what happens to their souls after the draining is complete are true…..

He says he has almost completed a ritual to draw power from ley lines. If he does that, then I suppose his powers will no longer cause direct harm. I suppose I should help him with that, as we will need his support if we go after the giants. Father Cain seems to have decided that we can trust him - I think I can trust the Father's judgment in this.

We discusses Jorgenfist with Shaelalu. She says that the city is home to a substantial number of giants, but that they have never troubled the human settlements on the island. That much is true, as they've never given any provocations as long as I've lived here. Apparently, though, something has stirred them up. Shaelalu described the defenses the giants have doubtless set up; these would make it extremely difficult to reach the citadel by simply heading straight there. We need to find another way.

Day 12: We reached Turtleback Ferry today. It was an uneventful journey, and Kendrak's new subjects were still glad to see us. We were welcomed warmly, and enjoyed a fine evening of food anf drink. We met a couple of strange travelers, but they did not show any hostile intent before they retired for the night. We stayed for the festivities, then joined them.

Day 14: We returned to Magnamar. After selling assorted items of value we'd recovered, we attended to our various priorities. I visited my friend the book dealer again. He had one interesting book about a fallen and redeemed angel, which I will study further. It contains many interesting facts about devils, and reveals many things about their complicated societies and rules that I was not aware of. I must read it again, and take some detailed notes. Unfortunately, it did not give me the true names of any of the creatures.

He also had a journal written by Morkmorian, the giant's leader. The journal, once we translated it, made it clear that he is a sorcerer of considerable power, and that he feels his destiny is to lead the giants to power. It did not give too much by way of detailed goals, but it's certainly more than we knew before.

I finally got to see my family again. Thankfully, they're all still in good shape. Less thankfully, partners of my father's are trying to take over. Sam, of course, isn't much of an impediment. They don't seem to have done anything irrevocable yet, so I will leave that situation for the time being. Still, I will certainly have to do something. On a somewhat lighter note, Rodor's son Nicholas seems to have taken a shine to my sister Ariadne. He's certainly better than some of the wastrels I know in this city….

We identified most of the people on Dorien's list, but could not identify a pattern. I'll keep looking into that.

Day 15: The stone circle. We finally worked out how to activate it, when Father Cain applied a small amount of blood to the holes in the spear tips. It resulted in the appearance of what is obviously a set of portals. The stone in the center of the ring is a control unit, allowing the user to set his desired destination. Also, it appears to allow the user to set his desired time, which would certainly be an interesting development. I took many pages of notes on the various runes, but we were not able to get the teleportation to work. I suspect we will need a key, though I have no idea what that would be.

Day 18: Coral Reef. We arrived in the city, and headed to a good local inn. I'd heard inns in Coral Reef sometimes employ indecently clad dancers, and this was definitely one such inn. Rodor would, of course, not leave, so we bought rooms. Shortly after that, a noblewoman appeared in the bar. She attracted everyone's attention, in a way that did not seem altogether natural. The bartender told us quietly that she has a reputation for selecting companions who do not reappear the following day. Further encounters with her and another noble left little doubt of their mental manipulation talents, and their hostility. This situation must be investigated carefully.

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