Rescue Of A Noble S Daughter

The band had a run in with agents of Fear in a tavern of Torf, and came to the attention of a foreign man, also in the tavern. The man was a nobleman from the mark who was in a bit of a bind. He came to Torf to find some fighting types and as luck would have it, ended up in the same tavern as the Band of the Red Fox.

Lord Aldhelm of the Mark’s daughter was noticed by a local lord called Gavril Amadi. Armadi is not a nice man, nor one who is ever told no. Being a toady for the new supreme high chancellor makes his authority unquestionable, and he wanted the lovely Mira Aldhelm for his new concubine. Fortunately, he left before he could take his pleasure (which few woman survived without permanent damage), but he is due to return soon. Aldhelm convinced his wife and children to have a grand coming home ball, in which all manner nobles and entertainment will keep him occupied, while the Band gets in find his daughter and get her out. The Band agreed to help and got some information of their own. The mark is now ruled by The Lord High Chancellor, and he is not saint. In fact it is believed that he is the opposite. A devil in man's guise. His has a power, which has never before been seen in the mark. Whole estates have bit destroyed to the point nothing will ever grow there again, just from his displeasure. One of these estates was the Drake estate. Now the Band is on their way to the Mark to see what is going on and to help Lord Aldhelm get his daughter out on the region.

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