After we defeated Amicus and Fred, we took a careful inventory of the estate. As far as we could tell, there were no more demons or devils in the building or its surrounding area, so we moved on to assessing Amicus' personal wealth and that of his chapter of the trading concern. He himself had a number of interesting magical items, including a Staff of the Magi. I immediately took possession of that, as devices of such power and craftsmanship are not often found. I will have much fun in the future researching the powers and abilities of this artifact. It surely has many subtleties, and I already know I must be careful not to put too much power into it.

As we searched Amicus' body and the rest of the building, we found a few more items, some quite useful. Amicus was, after all, a powerful wizard, and he had apparently spent a considerable amount of time creating such equipment to support his campaign against me and my company. I suppose I could be flattered by that.

As we explored the mansion, Violet quietly suggested an interesting deal. My original plan in calling her was to use her simply as support in the assault that we had just completed. However, she pointed out that her ability to disguise herself would allow her to take Amicus' place and allow the company to appear to continue to operate as if nothing had happened. While this charade was in operation, she would steadily transfer ownership of the company to me. This arrangement seems like it will solidify the position of the Enloquicedo House without provoking nearly as much direct opposition from Amicus' various partners. We discussed the details of the scheme, and settled on a public announcement of a cessation of hostilities between our two venerable institutions. With such a distraction removed, after all, both companies will be able to focus on what they do best, and everyone will be able to make more money (and then transfer it all to me).

I arranged to donate a substantial sum of the money to Father Cain's efforts in Turtleback Ferry; the One should have a cathedral that outshines all others, at least on the island. I need to see if I can find a suitable supply of stone somewhere. Surely there must be a place where I can find a decent source of high quality marble. Also, I need to get Chandler and the glassworks back in operation, so that I can deliver the temple stained glass to use in the windows.

After I returned to Freeport, I met with Condor's representative in the city. He said that his nation would be interested in supplying various manufactured items to support our planned effort to promote the cause of the One on the island. Apparently, they have the ability to make many smaller components quite cheaply; they also need someone to import certain items. Evidently, some of their neighbors do not altogether trust them, and sponsor pirates to attack ships they know to be carrying goods for the government. The neighbors, according to the ambassador, are offended at Prince Edris' plans to restore the nation to its rightful glory. Their rulers are concerned that the success of the Prince in this endeavor would lead their own people to revolt and demand union with Condor. The ambassador is a very convincing man; I shall help him with this unfortunate situation. Perhaps I should rebuild the White Bear fleet; no one pays attention to them.

When the rest of the group made contact with Kendrak, he told them he'd heard that a man named Cassius was imprisoned in Seaport. This man, he said, has useful information about the circus. After hearing this, we arranged a trip to Seaport to talk to him. We had little trouble getting permission to meet him; our success against the Chancellor has earned us a significant measure of fame. We talked to him; he was more or less insane (which does seem appropriate for someone associated with the circus), but he did tell us that he had, in his tower in Rogan, a spell that would summon the circus. According to him, you must be absolutely sincere in your desire, and they will come to you.

On the way out of the jail, we were attacked by Chrys and Glow, representatives of the Circus. They caused a fair amount of havoc in the town square, but we were eventually able to chase them off. Unfortunately, I had to summon some demonic assistance in order to prevail, and this created a bit of a problem for us; we were, after all, siding with demons against a unicorn. Fortunately, we persuaded the town that we had actually fought against the demons, and were able to head off to Rogan without further incident.

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