Rainbow Realm

The Rainbow Realm is the legendary home of the Leprechauns. A land where the colors are so bright, you would thing they were painted into the world. Where roads of golden brinks leads to the home of the wee folk. It is a place where the is always laughter, and a good tale and the finest beer.

The only way to the Rainbow realm is to have a Leprechaun summon rainbow path, which you can follow through the land of fairy to the realm. The wee folk are very hesitant to do this though, as their rainbow always leads to their house int he realm, and their treasure trove. This is where the legend of the pot o gold at the end of the rainbow is from, as each leprechaun's rainbow path is anchored to their magical pot.


The Greenhouse Brewery - This is the place the famous green beer of the wee folk is made. The Master brewer has been practicing his craft for over 1000 years and has perfected the blend. It is said that a mug is so good, it can cure your ales. The Leprechauns of Greenhouse supply this to the kings and queens of Fairy for their special celebrations.

The Choosing Tree - all leprechauns are male, but that doesn't meant he Rainbow Realm has no women. There are always many of the sidhe around, courting the wee folk. The Choosing Tree is a place where many a couple has had their first kiss, or first dance, or even a proposal. It is the site of the Mayfair, and Oktoberfest. Even when there is no celebration the tree is always decorated in festive color.

The Rainbow Palace. Three magical rainbow bridges connect the land of the realm to the floating Rainbow Palace, a castle made completely of crystal. It is the home of the leprechaun King.

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