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This combat style was created by Alarond Davenson in the city of Torf. Alarond was a streetrat who couldn't afford a sword let alone a dagger. Alarond spent most of his time down in the fighter pits begging for scraps and change watching the fights when the guards were seek of hearing his cries for arms just let him in to watch. And watch he did, one of his favorite gladiators was a street fighter named Donovan who only fought with his fist and no armor here is a recolection of that fight.
"Two combatants are in the "pit" as you look down from your vantage point, high on one of the walls. The first, a strapping young man of large build. He carries no weapons and looks like he is a veteran of this type of fight. His skin is sun darkened and hard, almost like leather. His fists are large and bony, with large knuckles used to hitting solid objects. He wears simple boots and breeches, nothing that would offer his opponent a holding place. The man he is fighting is older and more expeirienced it appears. He moves with an easy grace not to quick to strike, but not fearful also. in his hand, he holds a long knife. larger than a dagger, but not quite as long as what would pas for a sword in this region. They stare at eachother for a few minutes, each taking eachother's measure. The spectators call for action, but these are no gladiators playing the crowd for advantage. These two men only care about one thing. leaving the pit alive, and each one knows, one mistake, and his opponent will be the one to walk away. The swordsman makes the first move, when his opponent steps unevenly. He lunges forward and strikes with his weapon, cutting a deep line in his opponent, but the bare-knuckled fighter does not go down. In fact he seems to take the woulnd with a grunt and uses the opening to punch the swordsman in the knee. As the sowrdsman drops down, he follows up with a kick to the thigh and groin. One more punch to the head finished the blade weilder and the crows cheers. "

This was Alaronds first step into the study of this style a day for history in the making.

Expect the Unexpected [Style]
Pre Req: Improved Unarmed Strike, Dodge, Dex 13
Benefit The Dodge Bonus from the Dodge Feat now applies to all foes not just a selected one. This also applies to Psionic Dodge if you also have that feat.

Alarond Developed this technique after a bar fight where he ended with a bottle of firewine being smashed into his head by a bar wench while he was focused on her boyfriend.

Practice,Practice,Practice [Style]
Pre Req: Int 13, Combat Expertise
Benefit You Recieve a +2 Bonus on Disarms, Trips, and Bullrush attempts Provoking or Defending

Alarond developed this technique after fighting other Streetfighters and a Monk from Chichura. He learned that what streetfighters take for granted monks train and practice for and decided to combine the two concepts.

Grasping Strike
Pre Req: Improved Grapple, BAB+2
Benefit After a successful Unarmed Strike you may attempt to start a grapple without an AoO or a touch attack. GRASPING STRIKE Copyright 2006, Sigfried Trent

After being tasked with captering a thief Alarond designed this style after the sixith time said thief had managed to escape from him.

Defensive Stance [Style]
Pre Req BAB+5, Not wearing Armor
Benefit You gain a Dodge bonus of +2 and a penelty on attack rolls of -1

After long battles of near defeat Alarond developed this stance as a way of countering opponets more skilled then himself.

Accurate Stance [Style]
Pre Req: BAB +5, Not Wearing Armor
Benefit By Taking a penelty to damage delt you can deliver light but accurate strikes. For every -1 Damage you can add +1 to your attack roll Maxium - on damage = Str Mod. This feat qualifies as Weapon Focus Unarmed for other feats and for requiremnts for prestige classes

Alarond devolped this technique while facing off against a drunken knight in full plate, after none of his full force blows doing any harm to his foe he proced to strike him very lightly on the helm until the knight passed out.

Offensive Stance [Style]
Pre Req BAB + 5, Not Wearing Armor
Benefit By Using a two fisted punch style your Unarmed Strikes are considered a two handed weapon. Treat you Unarmed strikes as if they were a two handed weapon in any round you do not use any class features of feats to gain additional attacks(Flurry or Snap Kick for example) This counts as power attack for qualifications of classes and other feats.

Alarond tried this Technique for the first time when he was facing off against a cruel and vile knight, whom he knew he needed to bring him down fast and hard

Quicksilver Stance [Style] [Mastery]
Pre Req Expect The Unexpected, Practice.Practice.Practice, Grasping Strike, Defensive Stance, Accurate Stance, Offensive Stance
Benefit When using any prerequsite feats for this technique the bonus increase as follows

Expect the Unexpected Your Dodge bonus increases to +2

Practice,Practice,Practice The Bonus increases to +4

Grasping Strike You Recieve a Bonus on grapple checks of +2

Defensive Stance You can choose to increase your penelty on attacks to -2 to increase the dodge bonus to +4

Accurate Stance The bonus on attack rolls increases by +1 for every -2 to damage (ie -1dam=+1 To Hit -2 dam=+3to hit)

Offensive Stance Your Damage Die increase by one size category while using this technique.

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