Prestige Classes

This page is based off of 3.5 classes and needs updating. please check with the DM on Prestige classes

All Prestige classes must be approved by the DM. Many of these classes only work well when there is a story concerning thier origin and purpose. Because of this before any prestige class is allowed, the details of where it came from must be worked out ahead of time. Below is a list of classes that have already been approved, and some custom prestige classes unique to Nor.

Published Classes

Shadowbane Inquisitor - Elite soldier of The Order of Illumination
Shadowbane Stalkers - Information gatherers for The Order of Illumination
Thief Acrobat - Agile thieves with a specialty for acrobatics.
Bladesinger - Elven warrior mixing magic, and weaponry.
Master Thrower - expert with thrown wepons.
Radient Heart of Sul - An order of Sul dedicated to healing. Uses the Radient servant of Pelor Class.
Mage of the Arcane Order - Mages belonging to the Towers of

Custome Prestige Classes

Copper Knight of Eroth

Silver Knight of Eroth

Gold Knight Of Eroth

Platinum Knight of Eroth

Monk of the Inner Flame


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