Plays Of Nor

Edris, Savior of Condor
A stirring tale of noble Prince Edris the Bold and the restoration of the rightful ruling family in Condor. Uses illusion spells to recreate the scene where he single-handedly slew the great wyrm Blindingbrist. Sample lines: "Liberty is precious - so precious it must be carefully rationed", "I am responsible only to the Great Mother and to history"

Follow Your Own Star
The story of Jak Tagowa. Tells how he came to own and operate the Prince Edris Theater in the center of rebuilt Calista, with its famous marble statue of Edris praying to his goddess above the entrance. (Rumor has it that Takhene herself provided the enchantments that make the statue appear to move, and ghostly images of the goddess to appear at night.) Sample lines: "A mistress is a bottle of wine, a wife is a wine bottle", "Whether you come from heaven or hell, it matters not if you are beautiful", "The Lady shall decide", "She's a man, baby!".

A heartwarming tale of how one gnome overcame society's prejudices and rose to become a true Death Knight. His epic feats of badger slaying and kobold taunting are recounted at length, and ten percent of all funds raised at the gate are used to combat anti-gnome prejudice. Sample lines: "First they ignore you, then they step on you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you smite them, then they tell you go and stand on the lawn all day", "Prepare the charge of the Gnomish Pygmy War Rhino Battalion!".

Save the Lemons
The lemon farmers of Freeport are simple, hard-working country folk, who ask for nothing more than the right to sell their produce for enough money to live on. Even the nastiest of the pirates and cutthroat merchants of the city respected them, and they were always allowed to work in peace. Until, one dark and stormy night, a group of criminals allied to the evil Sea Lord Drac realized that they needed money to fund their baby sacrifices to the Unspeakable One. They planned to force the farmers to sell their lemons through only one shipping line - for an extortionate price. The play tells the story of the heroic priest and the honest policeman who exposed the plot and rallied the citizens of the city to save the poor farmers. Sample lines: "My rackets are built on strictly Freeport principles, and they're going to stay that way", "Spending a few gold on assassins to save a fortune is just good business", "It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees!" " A gnome must be willing to die for justice!"

The Wall is Out to Get Me!
The story of Agrild, the claustrophobic dwarf. Born in a large cavern, then forced to move into the tunnel when his family lost their fortune in the collapse of the Xorn farming industry, Agrild could never cope with living in such a small space. He became crazy - but he never realized there was such a thing as "outside", until one day an elf emissary passed through the town. Agrild tries followed him to freedom, ignoring the elf's attempts to rid himself of the insane, unwashed dwarf. Who will prevail - elf or dwarf? Will this odd couple learn to overcome their differences, or will the elf have the dwarf killed by her bodyguards? This play is presented at the Lifetime Playhouse.

The Phoenix Tail
An adult exotic musical play guest starring Crimson Gylys

Terror of Story Telling
A drama about a young bard haunted by seven gnomes

Yuletide Gathering Past, Present, and Future
The history of one family's yuletide celebrations though out the generations

Of Mice and Men - A play about a halfling outsmarting and becomeing friends with a giant

The Dark Forest
A musical about a lone tower deep in a forgotten forest where a man waits for his eternal love

A musical about 5 young people growing up on the streets of Quagmire and thier day to day lives

Hate and Suffering
Erothian play about the downfall of a tyrant by his most loyal soldiers

A play from lain bout a young soldier of the queen's personal guard wondering what it is all about

The Darkness
A tragedy about a love lost outside after dark and a mercenary's resolve to bring the perpetraitor to justice

Good Mourning
Comedy about a man who appeared dead and at his wake come to life (Think Finnegan's Wake)

Through the Fire and the Flames
A play describing the life and times of Saint Alexander

The Lost Soul
A horror about a group of adventurer's who were too late to save a young man's life. Based on a true story.

A Yuletide Carol
An Erothian adaptation of the classic of the same name.

Good Morning
A Condorian Play forbidden to performed any longer in Condor by the church of Takhene. The Synopsis is how one good deed paid foward instead of back can make the world a better place.

Heaven Scent
A play of an angel's love with a mortal and how he gave it up to be with the one he loved.

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