So Who are we that play in this world? Here is a list of the current players.

Ron Cote The DM and creator. That is a misnomer though at the world has developed quite nicely with only his guidance. It is the players that have added to the history of the world through many years of gaming.

David Benevides [Former(for now)]Another sometime DM, whose rich gaming campaign has often crossed characters, events, and magic items with the world of Nor. He has been playing since 1990. Dave has played many memorable PCs and has added quite a bit to the game, including the Black Kat Thieves Guild.

Steve La Bossiere Joined the group in 2000. Has done an amazing amount of work on this page, and is often the target for crits, jibes, and death attacks. He takes it well though. His idea of a tough smack talking PC became the basis for the Streetfighter Class.

Matt Fornier Matt has been playing with us since 2001. Matt has a great grasp of the spirit of the game, and always works in game to make some interesting changes.

Mike Bardan [Former] My oldest player, having played the very first game set in Nor, before it was even Nor. We started playing in 1987.
Kyle Costa He never forgets what happened in an adventure. He is the only player I know to have caused the death of villain by using his own furniture against him.

Alistair Moubray . Not much is know about this mysterious player from many different places, but one thing he does well it take advantage of an opportunity.

Below are some little known facts and details about the players.

He is a happy boy?
Need I say more?
Either they are trying to summon the demon Blaine, lord of the Disco, or they are practising for a pride parade.Matt-Steve-DBZ.gifok, Maybe we need to say a little bit more.
Being made into the sex slave of a giant bunny has changed Matt forever. You know how much thoes bunnies like to.. well…
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