Name: Steve La Bossiere


Age: 24
From: Fall River
Occupation: Packing Department @ Strictly by the Book
About you: I'm short, Heavy (Matt has a bigger Gut then me), and I tend to have the longest hair in the group
Hobbies besides Role-playing: Music, Art, These Pages, Video Games, History, and Books

Do you normally Play or DM or both?: Normally Player rarely DM
How long have you been palying RPGs: Umm… about 12 years or so Tabletop.
Other rpg (or similar types of games) you play: Dnd, Hero System, Vampire:TM 2nd +3rd Editions, Shadow Run 3rd edition, Cyber Punk, D20 Modern
The first RPG game you played was: Hero Systems, A Cyborg Assassin Named Than Remington
Your Favorite RPG game: Pathfinder
The worst RPG game you have played: D&D 3.0
Canned or Custom Campaign: Custom
Your favorite Campaign world: Nor and no I'm not kissing @

Tell us about your favorite character: Donovan Vysguard but Jacob "Little Jak" Slater is definetly becoming a close second.

Tell us about your favorite Adventuring Moment: Well Knocking a dino on it's @ was amusing, but i think falling at Maximum Velocity and Living was a good moment too. Falling into a prophecy in a premade adventure is having interesting effects especially with death following me…

Tell us about your Funniest moment at a game (in game or out): Charging 200 Orcs and living oh wait I didn't live I Just game back from the dead. Okay how about Shattering the skull of a Succubus in a single blow, oh wait I got possessed by it after word, The Time I faced off against my son and, oh wait he cut me up like butter…. hmmm next question please

What was the best death of a character that you witnessed: For Flair the award goes to Sir Robert "The Vigillent" Drake, for story and keeping curses going Donovan Vysguard. Although Canned Cleric "Juice" in a breast plate was funny too…

Steves Work In Progress
Quest Notes and Leads

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