Melissa Labossiere

Name: Melissa LaBossiere
Age: 24
From: Germany
Occupation: Overnight Support Manager
About you:
Hobbies besides Role-playing:

Do you normally Play or DM or both?: Play
How long have you been palying RPGs: 3 months
Other rpg (or similar types of games) you play: I play in Dave's Troy City world of drakness and Allister's Freeport games
The first RPG game you played was: Pathfinder
Your Favorite RPG game: D10 it's easier to understand
The worst RPG game you have played:
Canned or Custom Campaign: Custom
Your favorite Campaign world:

Who is the best DM you have played with and Why:

Who is the best player and why:

Who is the worst DM and why:

Who is the worst Player and why:

Tell us about your favorite character:

Tell us about your favorite Adventuring Moment:

Tell us about your Funniest moment at a game (in game or out):

What was the best death of a character that you witnessed: simmon when he got crushed by the rock crusher

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