Matt Fornier

Name:matt fournier
Hobbies besides Role-playing:fishing, camping, karate, stuff

Do you normally Play or DM or both?:play but i would like to dm someday
How long have you been playing RPGs:since 1998
Other rpg (or similar types of games) you play:Vampire werwolf champions cyberpunk and draconic but i will play almost any
The first RPG game you played was:zelda
Your Favorite RPG game:werewolf well i might have to change this to communist cyberpunk
The worst RPG game you have played:call of Cthulhu
Canned or Custom Campaign:custom
Your favorite Campaign world:nor but nexus is a close second

Tell us about your favorite character:sir Robert drake knight of Eroth. i have never done as much with a pc as him also hard rod, mikhail putin, and dashiva tagowa what a trio

Tell us about your favorite Adventuring Moment:you try sing when you have a bunch of Yakuza pointing guns at you " like a virgin" also in communist china we don't shoot you with gun we beat you with it

Tell us about your Funniest moment at a game (in game or out):oh boy we have had a lot of those well there is always the line to be crossed. and lets not forget charging 200 orcs or everyone's favorite horse "asshole" and of corse roberts fathful squire Wesly you know what there's just too many to list also in soviet Russia ( ok this was not at a game but it needs to go up and this is a direct quote " so Kyle your getting happy from eating a piece of steave)

What was the best death of a character that you witnessed:Donovan charging 200 orcs what else also panther we shot her beat her karate chopped her hit her with a rocket launcher and couldn't kill her so we choked her out lol

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