Kyle Costa

Name: Kyle Costa. My middle name is a state secret.
Age: 20ish
From: Fall River, MA, USA, Terra, Sol, Milky Way, Andromeda - Take that Dave!
Occupation: Student. On occasion, Hitman for hire.
Hobbies besides Role-playing: Gaming, online gaming, intellectual debates and dissertations, cards, and other various things that I can't recall right now.

Do you normally Play or DM or both?: Player. I fail at DMing.
How long have you been playing RPGs?: Too long. Since I was a wee lad. Also, this question had a typo.
Other rpg (or similar types of games) you play: Good lord. Presuming the limit isn't tabletop, I'll skip systems; all sorts of various online or single-player role-playing games. As for the games I'm currently playing, those would be Dark Age of Camelot, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Icewind Dale II. I occasionally play other games, depending on my mood, including the Kingdom Hearts games and Final Fantasy XII. On a sidenote, I also like first person shooters. I'm not allowed to play Star Wars: Battlefront anymore, though. Blame Ron. Now playing at the cineplex: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Mass Effect, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
The first RPG game you played was: Sheesh. Final Fantasy for NES? Or maybe it was Zelda.
Your Favorite RPG game: This is a loaded question. It's hard to pick a 'favorite'; if an RPG is good, I might play through it, beat it, and move on. I have trouble playing a game more than once, and therefore a 'favorite', I suppose, would be one with replayability. I'd have to pick Dark Age of Camelot, even if some people claim it's not a real game. Or a good one. D&D would be a good one, but I always take dice games a bit more abstractly, and categorize them as a different type of RPG entirely. It will always have replayability, and will be a good game. Just depends on the people. Mass Effect, or Neverwinter Nights 2.
The worst RPG game you have played: Uh. There are a lot of terrible RPGs out there. I can't name a terrible dice system, as I've barely played much beyond D&D, so I'll pick another game. Runescape. Seriously. It sucks.
Canned or Custom Campaign: What kind of question is this? I have a canned custom campaign world, does that count?
Your favorite Campaign world: Prolly Nor.

Tell us about your favorite character: I don't really have a 'favorite' character, though Wazuki Hida, my Shadowbane Inquisitor I probably had the most fun with. Though that could change with Arthas, my Psion, provided that bastard Kyle writes a background for him. He's so lazy. Jeez. Mikhail Victor Sergei Vladimir Putin. Best character ever. Oh, and his buddy, that Chinese dude. Tagawa something.

Tell us about your favorite Adventuring Moment: Probably the whole Fairy Tale adventure. Failing that, the death by furniture that the wizard suffered from. Poor guy never saw his couch coming for him 'til it was too late. In Soviet Russia, we not fire bow! We just drop arrow and let gravity do work!

Tell us about your Funniest moment at a game (in game or out): Too many. The alleged "Battle Axe Zombie" incident was up there, as was the "Hey, uh, your friend carrying our stuff looks kinda.. sickly. I don't think he's slept in days. Or eaten. And he keeps dragging his feet and mumbling something about 'brains'.." conversation was up there, too. 15 Sept 2007. Best Cyberpunk game ever.

What was the best death of a character that you witnessed: Sir Robert. Without a doubt. It was fitting. Sorry Sir Robert, but the best death of a character, albeit an NPC, now goes to either Joker, or Mannequin. Seriously.

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