David Benevides

Name: David Benevides (My middle name never existed)

Age: 36 (currently the eldest member of the group by one month!!)

From: Fall River, MA, USA, Terra, Sol, Milky Way

About you: I actually have stuff to put in this category lol I am married and have one daughter named Angelina.. she is the light of my life. amd now two twins named Jonathan and Joseph. I was the first to have children in the group and would have been the only one in the group had Mike (thankfully) added his progeny to the extended family

Hobbies besides Role-playing:
Gaming, History, Reading, ummm and MAGIC of course MTGO as well lol

Do you normally Play or DM or both?:
I go both ways ;)

How long have you been playing RPGs?:
I was around 13 or 14, that makes it what 20 years with Nor since 1990

Other rpg (or similar types of games) you play:
Good lord too many. Currently just D&D, but vampire is cool and sometimes star wars. I am not into MMRPGs.

The first RPG game you played was:
OK first experience was actually an old pick your path adventure book, that got me hooked. First game, one of my cousins ran a module, but that never evolved more than a once a month game if that. Then came RON and my fighter charging into a Doorway where a barbarian with a mace decided to show me that people should not charge blindly. Bam dented armor for the rest of the game lol

Your Favorite RPG game:
D&D, though Starwars D6 system close second

The worst RPG game you have played:
OK I don’t like Cyberpunk.. but it is not a bad system, MERP? I role on the chart to scratch my ass oops critical miss, oh no I just impaled myself and died.

Canned or Custom Campaign:
Agreed with Kyle What kind of question is this? I have a canned campaign world, does that count?

Your favorite Campaign world:
that I played? NOR that I DM’d? Nexus That I enjoy? Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms is a close second.

Tell us about your favorite character:
too many to count. But let’s see: Brother Tobin, Darl Rainbird, Barig, Mael, Razor (cyberpunk), Bishop Keiro, the bounty hunter in star Wars whose name escapes me his last name was Elfander, Prince Aravon (sp?), Algar, Durmont, Parin (sp?) the dragon (solo character in Ron’s world) are up there and of course we can’t forget that cooky mage and his pet space Frog Kermit can we Bort??!!! Hey ron remember my Viking character in Ray’s world (damn can’t remember his name) “BITE!!!!” or that ranger you played along side my wizard Mechanician (mechanical mage in Al Q’adim) that was cool. OK let's through Tharen and Dorian in there.. hell even the gnome priest and his lemon conspiracies was cool to me LOL

Tell us about your favorite Adventuring Moment:
Darl Rainbird running into an abandoned house in the town of Phlan, only to be greeted by the receiving end of a barbarian’s mace, this knocked him out, when he awoke he had a big dent in his armor wich saved his life. (you never forget that first time do you!!)

Tell us about your Funniest moment at a game (in game or out):
Too many. I was not there for the zombie reference. But I was there for the classic “is there a tree around” or how long does a permanency spell last. Buying a horse while my character was drunk and calling it "asshole", and then telling the group I was going to ride my asshole hard tonight.

What was the best death of a character that you witnessed:
witnessed!! you can’t make me talk I am innocent I swear, look the glove doesn’t even fit!! Seriously, Barig had an interesting death at the hands of that “sleeping” Shadow Dragon. Missed the whole Sir Drake death, but Durmont would think that was a great death. How about that time that ray’s thief sorry sharpshooter died at the hands of that blackguard saving the life of I think Chittle the mage was memorable.

** Had to comment on this one. Actually, the blackguard (Aster) didn't kill him. His horse did. But yes, he would have killed Chittle otherwise. It was a good death ** Oh it the bounty hunter was Alimon Elfander, The viking was Abdul (Charlies char was pinky) and your your clockwork mage was alimon also I think. With my ranger Hyam. :) - Ron

** I just remembered the name of the Barbarion, it was Olaf… Abdul was something else, i think that was charlies character. - dave

Note just remembered Charlies character was Jaffa Abdul was the mechanical mage

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