Pine S Grove

This small town has one major industry, serving the nobels as a vacation retreat in the summer months. During these times traders come in and set up a small bazaar to sell trinkets they have collected from around the world. Typically charging a great deal more then they are worth. The prices of every commodity increase drasticly to out of towners during the summer. A large church to The One God was recently built with contrabutions from visiting upper class.

In the off season this small town is a very different place, Only the local general store and smith stay open. The Grand Grove Hotels upper floors are shut down with only the taproom and staff kitchens and rooms staying open, These small 4' x 8' rooms are the only loddging available to travelers off season and the amenities the hotel is known for in the summer months can not be found. The same holds true at the Church were services are held downstairs in the community room and the upper levels are locked down.

Most visiting nobles stay in the suites of the Hotel, but a few of the yearly regulars own residences along the north edge of town. The families Leshane, McDermot, Aquavius, and Trent. All maintain minor manors, and provide a constant stream of income for this town in the off season with repairs, cleaning, and general maintence. Once every other week or so each of these families holds a open gala at thier residence for what nobels are in town for that period. These parties are more for potential politicking then for revelry though.

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