After going through Ruidian and another step through the twisted archways, they found their best hope to be to find the book known as the Mal’eb’dala. It magically catalogs the history and whereabouts of certain items made to defeat the shadow. They used the portals in Ruidian to make their way the ancient library of Philatia. Here is where the book is said to be kept; they arrived with great pain to find the portal from the side with the library was destroyed. The entire library had been burned, and its patrons and keeper, dead. Work of the Kingdom of Lain, who abhors magic and knowledge. The library had been Donovan’s home. While it was empty of the living it was not empty of the dead. Because of the heinous acts committed there the dead rested uneasy and attacked the Band. They were able to overcome them, but it was a close battle. Searching through the ruins found several surprises one a ring, belonging to Donovan’s mother. The second a doorway, which Donovan wore the key around hi neck. A gift from the keeper who raised him. This led into the real library. The one that resided on a plane not our own. There the party found the last two remaining arc mages looking over the book and quite surprised to see the band. They explained that Garick had donned the evil helm of Balzemon purposely to try to fight the evil from the inside, but it was too much for him and overtook him. Now the helm had not only its own magic, but that of one of the most powerful mage to have ever lived. Andrew and Nagemana could not face him, without the result being catastrophic. They did however find a possible solution. If the Band could go and find the artifact know as the starjewel. An artifact as powerful for good as the helm was for evil. Using it to counteract the power the helm may allow Garick to break free. The only problem, the starjewel was locked away deep in the vaults of Thorodon, which is now abandoned and locked. Not all the dwarves disappeared though. One was alive who lived there and ran an underground in Quagmire. The arc mages sent the Band off to him, while they distracted Garick and made him thin the band perished.

The dwarf was running an underground where by learned people like sages and mages could escape lain and make thier way over the mountains or to the sea to better lands. The band's attention however led the protectors of the city to them and the dwarf and a sage were taeken prisoner and sentenced to be chained for sacrifice to the geat beast. They were left otu chained to piller, and the band (after stealing the legendary Dragon Slayer form the council chamber of Quagmire, thinking the beas tto be a dragon) were there to save the dwarf. The slew the beast to find it was actually a chimera, and was being controlled by the arcmage konrad, who used a magical necklace to steal the souls of those sacrificed to the beast. The Band grabbed the dwarf and fled for saftey.

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