Percival Cain

Cain was quite disturbing today. He gave his word to spare the life of a stone giant in excange for information and afterward broke his vow and slew him. He does not seem like the same person I was assighned to help. Just allowing Quintal to exist was confusing but breaking his vow … I fear Quintal may be more then he appears. If he has corrupted the lawful father how long till he corupts others or myself. I wish Kendrak would have been quicker and have entervined or myself even though I am loathe to witness his questioning of any thing. He was angered when I slew the dragon but what i did, I did for our safety. This was something different, I repeat myself only because I can not Fathom why.

Would I have slain the giant … Yes would I have given it false hope at surrender no. Maybe this resounded something inside him I do not know. I pray to Keribus to give me strength in this trying times. But now also I pray to the one to bring his wayward son back home to the fold. Has hunting the darkness for so long caused his own soul to become darkened? He who walks in the light for so long must surely cast the longest shadow. I pray that shadow has not caught a hold of him and changed him.

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