People Of History

Trik & Tork Brother Goblins of the 5th Goblin Clan

Rual Guardian

Lord Captain Allistar Founder of Warriors of Light, Militant order in Lain, Offshoot of the Order of Illumination

Lord Captain Bernard First Commander of The Fortress of Light

Mother Giovanni Priestess of The One God

Alexander Prophet of The One God

Florin Greyeyes Knight of Eroth

King Averon Former King of Eroth

Mael Priest of Twilmeril

Barig Martial Artist, founder of Back Kat thieves Guild

Garrick Former Archmage of Nor

Nagimana Former Archmage of Nor

Andrew Archmage of Nor

Quarion Bardbarian

Rohan Assassin of Legend

Feng Greatest known Swordsmith

Brother Tobin Former Archbishop of Sul, Taken by the Goddess to serve as an angel

Barristan the Bard

Laurien Former Ruler and Marshal of Condor before the rule of Tahkene

Kull the Reborn

Shi-Tan only foreigner Sai' Gai-don of Chi-Chsura.

Copercus - Famous Seer

Belkar Zeiglar Famous trap maker that specializes in traps that can only be bypassed by subjecting oneself to great harm.

Legendary adventurures:

The Band of the Red Fox
Jonesy member of the adventurers' guild and treasure hunter extroidinaire
Wazuki lieutenant in the order of illumination
Durmont cleric of twill, lady's man owner of the adventures rest in eroth
Arvendel arcmage of eroth died restoring the pool of magic
Donovan street fighter one of the only people of nor know to have come back from the dead
Red half fay sorceror
Sir Robert silver knight restored the knighthood died battling the demon ordokar

Chancellor's Bane
Father Cain
Kendrak Runeshield

Fennel Company

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