The two men guarding the plain looking door, watched as Ferret approached. Their eyes scanned him intently, and left no doubt that allowing him entrance was a possibility. They were both big, and thuggish, with broad knuckles and meaty fists. Their faces were scarred and misshapen, a record of their many accomplishments when it came to violence. Their eyes were cold, showing no promise of sympathy or mercy.
As Ferret walked up to the door each seemed to grow tense in anticipation. They flexed their fingers, stretched their necks a bit and lifted themselves a bit on their toes, anticipating the coming confrontation. The man on the left glanced to the one on the right. Ferret saw the subtle sign and reappraised the skill of the two men. They were more than just toughs. They had probably worked together for some time, and would complement each other. Ferret’s companions also tensed, sensing something about the two. He expected it from Shar. He knew the warrior long enough to know that he could sense thing that other would simply ignore, but the fact the boy also picked it up confirmed to Ferret there was more to him then showed on the surface. He did not go for his sword, but his stance changed. His cloak was back enough, not to get in the way. He stood back enough, so his movement would not be hampered by those around him. The average person would have noticed none of this of course, but that was Ferret’s skill. Observation and analyzing situation is what he did best. Some even thought he had some kind of magical talent, but it was really just practice that allowed him to see the things other miss. That and the

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