Part 2

Varlsil looked at the bowl of Stew closely, and I began to wonder if he was plan on wishing it warm. He then tipped the bowl upside down, it contents spilling onto the cold stone floor. “I guess you wont eat today at all then, SIRE.” He then tossed the clay bowl into the bars of my cell, breaking it in two. “Perhaps the King of Torf would like a shit sandwich instead?” in a tone far to rough for my liking, and as he moved a step closer to the bars, I back up to the window. “Too bad that would have been your last meal anyway. At noon you will be swinging from the Gallows. Finally the elusive Ferret will get what coming to him at last!” He laughed deeply at his own joke as he walked away from my cell. I looked down at the broken pieces of pottery on the floor, with their jagged edges and smiled.

"You really shouldn't get him riled up like that? He can make you life miserable here". The man speaking was young, barely in his second decade of life. He was handsome enough, though the guards uniform didn't quite fit him right. Ferret expected more from the Order, at least armor that fit well. "He already makes my life as miserable as he can, and beside, I die at noon. What more can he do, Tom?"/
"I don;t know but why go to your funeral black blue. If your gonna go out, you should at least have a pretty corpse." The young soldier kept glancing up at the stairs, and ferrt knew he was not supposed to be down here.
"Speaking o' pretty, how did it go will the miller's daughter?"
"Ferret, you would have been proud of me. She was a yellin like a spectator at a pit fight. Shouldn't have done it in the workroom though, we broke the best lathe. Thoes things aren't meant to used as.."
"I get it. I guess her daddy didn't take kindly to you little escapade?"
"Heck, " The young man managed to look sheepinsh and poud at once. " He has no idea who it was. If he knew I'd be hangin too, from the millwheel. That man has got a temper on him. But it was worth it. She even grabbed my back with her legs. She said she saw her momma do it once. That girl is a spitfire. I owe it all to you Ferret. If you hadn;t told me what to say, I never would have got her warmed up to me." A noise came from upstairs, and a light shone into the room. "Thats the signal. I gots to go. There is already a crowd at the courtyard Ferret. The Lord Captain is msking a spectecle out of this. Claming that he can keep us safe from people like you."
"The only thin that man can keep safe is his own virginity, since now a woman'll touch him. Go Tom. Good luck"
"May the Gods grant you peace Ferret, and perhaps we'll meet again in the next life."
"Sooner that that I hope". Tom just shook his head at the man's optimism and walked away from him, knowing this would be the last time they would ever see eachother.

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