Part 1

With the light brightly shining through the thin high Window, I knew it was going to be a good morning. I rose out of my bed, again making plans to trade it in for something more suiting to my station, and starting the morning with some light exercise. I did them as far away from the door of my luxurious suite as I could. I wasn’t quite in the shape I wanted yet, and I had no desire for anyone to see me. I heard Varlsil approach the door, and stopped my daily ritual. He must have heard me wake, and was bringing my morning meal. I couldn’t fault Varlsil much. He had been in charge of my getting my meals for me for the last ten days. I know that it isn’t really the work suited to him. He would much rather be on a battlefield, or guarding over dignitaries, than serving me my meals. That is the price of being a soldier though. It isn’t all glory. Some days you have to do the menial work or bringing great men their meals. He arrived with his normal morning fanfare, saying little and handing me a clay bowl. I preferred clay to the other materials my bowls could have been made from. Clay did not impart any strange taste to the food. I prepared to eat a hearty meal of filling stew when I realized Varlsil did not include a slab of bread. The temperature of the stew was not what I preferred either. I was instantly irritated and called to my meal server. “Hey, This is cold, and I do not see a slab of fresh bread. How dare you bring me such pig swallop!”. Varlsil turned toward me and I could see him quivering. I realized he must be terrified of all the vile things that could have been going through my head at the time concerning his fate.
“I’m sorry your majesty. Please forgive me. I don’t know how I could have made such a mistake.” He returned and took the bowl like a good lad.

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