Pacts with outerplanar creature can bring a wide variety of results. Most are with evil outsiders, but some are also made with celestrial beings. The terms and conditions vary but there are some common Pacts.

The most common are socerous pacts, in which a sorceror ties themselves to a greater power in exchange for access to arcane power. The terms depend on the type of creature the pact is made with, but mostly include a link to the creature, so that it may experience life through the spellcaster. The spellcaster is always aware of think link, and when they draw arcane power, they can feel its influence. It the pact is with an evil outsider, the link will fee tainted, like trying to fill a cup of water from a well, when there is a layer of oil on the top. Most of these pacts must be sealed in Blood and refreshed every month, usually when one of the moons is full. Sometimes a good outsider will bond to a PC and grant them access to spells, thought they do this rarely. The bond is a two way conduit, and very few celestrial being will open themsleves up to corruption. When this is performed it is almost always for a person with honor and discipline.

Beside sorcery, pacts can be made for many other things. To learn information, to gain power and prestige, to learn new arcane spells, and others.

Making a pact is not an easy task. First a way ust be found to contact the being. Then the player must succeed on a Knowledge (arcana) or (Religion) DC 30 check to learn how to properly complete a bonding ritual. The need for this check is negated if the player comes a scross a scroll with instructions. These scrolls are usually tuned to a specific entity, and are often left by the entitiy themselves.

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