Orcs Of The Wild Hills Tomb Of The Fallen Warrior

The Band have decided to do something about Trik and Torg and the orcs they seem to be in charge of. After spending some time with the Vorg Riders of the hills, and helping them find thier missing children, the Band has asked for thier help. If all the tribes of the Vorg Riders unite, they will be a force to rekon with. Still not as great as that of the orcs, but an important part in the plan to get rid of the orc menace. The clans however are not willing to work together, unless the great Bolder of old returns to lead them. They will know the return by the mighty warhammer he will weild. A warhammer which lies buried in the tomb of the Fallen Warrior. A young vorg rider, name Bolder also seems to be a willing candidate to lead the tribes, but is forbidden to try to seeek out the warhammer, for all thoes who have gone before have died, and his might is needed in the tribe now. The band took it upon themselves to seek out the hammer for the warrior, and in doing so gain thier help against the orcs of the wild lands.
The tomb was not what they were expecting, filled with deadly trap and monsterous creatures, it was placed as a testing ground by the God Utua so only the mighty would be able to retrieve the warhammer. The band valiantly battles thier wat through the tomb testing thier might against the deadly trap, as well as rhino riding minotaurs. Thier last challenge an eight headed hydra. They managed to defeat the beast, but barley and came out of the tomb with the hammer. The brought of to the tribe who decleared Boldar thier new leader and pleged thier help to the band in getting rid of the orcs.

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